“I have known Gary for well over two decades. I have worked with him on several projects and a technical committee associated with the IOPP. Every project that Gary and I have worked together on has been a success. I also recommended to various colleagues of mine, to take a look at the equipment Gary represented. To a person they all stated they were pleased to work with Gary and the equipment he represented was of high quality. Gary’s knowledge and understanding of the Pharmaceutical and Food industry would be an asset to anyone looking to improve the productivity. Gary’s honesty and integrity makes working with Gary a pleasure.”

Dick Winokur PhD
Dick Winokur Consulting, LLC

“Gary has been a prominent vendor for my company for over 25 years; and, through our business relationship, we have become close friends. Gary’s personal knowledge of and experiences in the liquid filling industry translate into his success as a professional in problem-solving and product development in serving his customer’s needs.”

Billy Hoard
Memphis Contract Packaging, Inc.

“Words cannot express the deep heartfelt thanks towards Gary for his generosity and kindness. Gary donated a filling machine to help us help others. Gary is a true Humanitarian…..I highly recommend anyone who needs the type of equipment Gary offers to work with him. I know he will take care of all your needs. Thank you Gary for your most generous gift….to help others.”

Tom Smokov
Water Blue Gold

“Gary Laidman has been a trusted vendor of mine for over 20 years. Determination and integrity is who he is. Whenever we at Scott’s Food Products needed any advice or anything that had to do with food equipment, Gary was always there for us. After many years of talking to Gary and dreaming of having some of the equipment he sold, he made it happen for me and I went from a pile of old outdated equipment to a new automated line. Without his passion for what he sold, I would still be fixing old junk instead of having state of the art equipment to fill everything in every size I make. Gary also made sure his staff was available to me when I needed their assitance. Customer service is what he did and he taught it well to the people that worked with him. I could not be more pleased with Gary going into his new adventure, G&B Packaging Equipment, Inc. He will do well since he knows how to treat people and build machines that are quality. Much like Gary, I am available to anyone should there be some questions I can answer.”

Tony LoBue
Scott’s Food Products Inc.

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