Crandall Filling Machinery

A1/25 PEX Electronic Scale Filling Machines

Range of Products:

The A1 models are available for gravimetric filling of non-foaming liquid and semi-liquid products which do not contain hard solid particles. The product contact parts are available in Brass and Steel (standard), 316 Stainless Steel, 304 Sanitary Stainless Steel, PVC, Teflon Composite and Titanium to meet a wide range of product requirements.

Range of Containers:

Models are available for filling any free standing metal, glass, plastic or bag in the box containers from pint to 6 US gallons (500 ml. to 25 ltr).

Filling Speed:

Speed is governed by the viscosity of the product, product line pressure and size of the container opening. Approximate speeds, based on the gravity filling of water from a 10ft. gravity head tank into open top containers are as follows:

Containers / Hour
500 ml / 1 liter pint / quart
4 liter / 1 Gallon
8 liter / 2 Gallons
20 liter / 5 Gallons
A1/10 PEX
A1/25 PEX
A2/10 PEX
A2/25 PEX
Weighing System/Accuracy:

The Al and A2 electronic model fillers use a high quality industrial load cell bases and controllers. Scale accuracy is 1 part in 10,000. Fill accuracy is to within 0.1% target weight when the machine is properly installed and operated The scale indicator is conveniently located on the machine for visibility and easy keyboard entry of set point information. Outputs are selectable in kilograms or pounds.


The Al and A2 electronic fillers may be quickly installed by your plant personnel. The scale controller may be simply plugged in to a non-surge 110 vac. receptacle using the cord provided or hard wired by a qualified electrician. The filter, regulator and lubricator connects to a 3/8″ compressed air liner and connect flexible product supply line to the 1 1/2″ npt feed pipe

Supply of Product:

The model A1 and A2 electronic fillers may be supplied from any non-surging source with a constant supply of product. Pressure range from gravity to 40 p.s.i.g. 92.8 kg../


The machines are designed for long service. The scale controllers are in NEMA 4X liquid tight enclosure so wash down is not a problem. Pneumatic systems are of high quality components that run for thousands of cycles. The sturdy steel or 304 Stainless Steel frames are welded for long service.


The machines are equipped with a quick shut-off button for the operator to interrupt the fill. The system is equipped with a spring loaded Fail Safe to shut-off product if air pressure is lost.

Personnel Required:

One operator, no special skills necessary.

Change of Container:

To change the container, simply enter the new cut-off weight on the scale controller and adjust the height of the filling head. If the container opening is a different size, the filling nozzle may be quickly changed.


A1/10 PEX and A2/10 PEX The operator simply enters the net weight shy of the target allowing, product in motion to be weighed, then the operator places the container on the fill platform under the fill nozzle and presses the start button. At this cycle the scale automatically tares the weight of the container. The nozzle descends approx. l/2″ into the opening of the container. When the container reaches the shut-off weight the nozzle closes without drip, and rises. The operator pushes the container off the platform (roller conveyor optional A1) and places another container for filling.

A11/25 PEX and A2/25 PEX The operator simply enters set-point 1 (dribble flow) weight and set-point 2 (target weight) shy of the target allowing product in motion to be weighed then the operator places the container on the fill platform under the fill nozzle and presses the start button. At this cycle the scale automatically tares the weight of the container. The nozzle descends approx. 1/2″ into the opening of the container. When the container reaches the set-point 1 weight the product flow decreases to increase accuracy. When the container reaches set-point 2 shut-off weight the nozzle closes without drip, and rises. The operator pushes the container off the platform (roller conveyor optional A1) and places another container for filling.

Approximate Air Requirements:

1.5 cu.ft./min. @ 80 p.s.i. or 12 s.c.f m. @ 80 p.s.i. (40 ltr/min @ 5.6 kg/
Electric Requirements:
110/120 volts, 50/60 hz., single phase, grounded, clean. We suggest using a surge protector. The scale controller classification is NEMA 4 X, liquid tight.


Discharge Conveyor:

3ft. gravity discharge conveyor for the A1/ (shown on cover) suggested for sustained use to ease discharge of filled containers.

Contact Parts:

316 Stainless Steel wetted parts with glass/Teflon gaskets and Titanium wetted parts with glass/Teflon gaskets are available for the chemical industries, PVC with tygon gaskets for high corrosives and UHMD is also available. 304 Sanitary Stainless Steel for the food industrial when required.

Frame Work:

304 Stainless Steel


Two part (Tile Clad tm.) Epoxy Spray coated steel or Steellt tm. Stainless Steel spray coated steel

Fume Cover:

A PVC or UHMW fume cover is provided with a 3/4″ X 10′ long flex hose for connection to your plant vacuum system. This removes fumes from around the container while filling, directly at the opening. Not applicable for open top five gallon pails.

Operator Splash Guard:

To protect the operator from direct spray in the event of an accidental overfill. We suggest that all operators should wear proper eye protection at all times while operating any filling machine.


Several printers are available for labels, cards and tape. Various printers offer features including net, gross and tare values as well as batch time and accumulation information.


Approximate Operating Space:

A1/10 PEX, A1/25 PEX:
without conveyor: 21″ X 36″ (53 X 92cm.)
with conveyor: 21″ X 50″ (53 X 127 cm.)
A2/10 PEX, A2/25 PEX: 42″ X 55″ (107 X 140cm.)

Our pail filler and drum filling machinery provides accurate, low maintenance, no-drip filling of liquid to viscous products into cans, pails, drums and totes. Crandall offers a full range of liquid fillers, and closing machinery for pails and cans.

Crimping Machine for Pail Fillers and Drum Closing Machines


CRS Semi-Automatic Pail Closing/Crimping Machines for closing plastic and metal pails
Pail and Drum Closers / Crimpers

Range of Containers:

Crandall pail crimpers may be adopted to all size lug cover pails and to many plastic pails with pressure lids.

Closing heads are interchangeable, allowing more than one size and type of container to be closed on the same machine.

Special models are available for holding the tops of drums with ring seals while the ring is attached. (For higher speed closing of plastic pails, see the Model PPC5 and PPD closers.)

Estimated Containers Per Minute
Container Size:
2 Gallon
(8 Litre)
5/6 Gallon
(20/25 Litre)
16 Gallon
(60 Litre)
50/55 Gallon
(200/220 Litre)

• P – Plastic Pails with plastic lids
• M – Metal Pails or-plastic pails with metal lug covers
• Z – Allows larger drums to pass through on conveyor without closing,
• H – Holds lid tight while ring is placed on ring seal drums.

NOTE: To close more than one size or type of container, special attachments may be necessary.


The closers can be quickly installed by your present plant personnel. The only connections to be made ore to your own 3/8″ plant air line; on machines with motorized conveyors the motor must be connected to a switched connection. Motors may be provided in all 50 and 60 Hz electrics. Conveyor height of the CRS and CRA model machines are made to meet your existing conveyors.

Operation –

CRA Automatic Models:

The lids are placed on the pail before entering the machine. The machine automatically indexes the pail, closes, and discharges the pail.

CRS Semi-Automatic:

The operator places the lid, moves the pail beneath the closing head, then presses the two operating buttons. When the operator releases the operating buttons, the closing head returns to its up position. On the CRS/220, the pressure head remains down, holding the drum lid tight while the operator places the ring clamp, the pressure head rises when the operator presses the release button.

CRT Table Top Semi Automatic Models:

The operator places the lid, moves the pail below the closing head then presses the two operating buttons. This model does not include legs or conveyor.

Change of Container:

Crimper heads on CRT, CRS and CRA models can be changed with little effort -simply release the lock nut and the closing head threads off the holding shaft. Height adjustment is done by use of the rack and gear system. On CRA models, can guides are easily adjustable to accommodate different size pails.


Crandall crimpers are designed so that no technician is necessary to make minor repairs. All bolts and fittings are standard sizes and require no special tools.

Safety –

CRA Automatic Models:

No operator is necessary at the machine. The lids may be placed before discharging the container from the filling machine. A guard is at the closing station.

CRS and CRT Models:

A two-hand-anti-tie-down system requires the operator to use both hands to operate the machine.
* All models are totally non-electric in operation. Motors used for motorized conveyors are Class 1, Group D, Explosion Proof: UL and CSA approved.

Space Requirements:
• CRT/25, CRT/60: 24″ x 30′ (61 cm x 76 cm)
• CRS/25: 29″ x 45″ (73 cm x 115 cm)
• CRS/60: 39″ x 45″ (99 cm x 115 cm)
• CRS/60P, CRS/220: 50″ x 45″ (125 cm x 115 cm)
• CRA/25: 73″ x 33″ (185 cm x 83 cm)
• CRA/60: 73″ x 37″ (185 cm x 93 cm)

Approximate Shipping Weight:
• CRT/25: 695 1 bs (315 kg)
• CRT/60: 800 lbs (365 kg)
• CRS/25: 850 lbs (385 kg)
• CRS/60: 1000 lbs (455 kg)
• CRS/60P, CRS/220: 1400 lbs (635 kg)
• CRA/25: 1200 lbs (545 kg) CRA/60: 1400 lbs (645 kg)

Approximate Shipping Dimensions:
• CRT/25: 30 x 36 x 60″ (76 x 91 x 152 cm)
• CRT/60: 30 x 36 x 72″ (76 x 91 x 185 cm)
• CRS/25: 52 x 39 x 72″ (132 x 99 x 185cm)
• CRS/60: 52 x 43 x 80″ (132 x 109×203 cm)
• CRS/60P, CRS/220: 52 x 60 x 84″ (132 x 152 x 216 cm)
• CRA/25: 77 x 37 x 71 ” (195 x 93 x 180 cm)
• CRA/60: 77 x 39 x 80″(195x 100×210 cm)

Approximate Air Usage:
• CRT/25, CRT/60, CRS/25, CRS/60, CRS/60P, CRS/220:
2 cu. ft. at 80 p.s.i.g. per-minute (60 liters at 5.7 kg/sq. cm. per-minute
• CRA/25, CRA/60:
4 cu. ft. at 80 p.s.i.g. per minute (125 liters at 5.7 kg/sq. cm)

Optional Features:

Motorized lnfeed Conveyor on CRA/25:
(Standard on CRA/60): Aids infeed of containers to the machine. Recommended for products which are not lubricants. Required for machines closing containers smaller than 5 gallons (20 liters).


For portability.

Additional Closing Heads:

For closing more than one size or type container on the same machine.
Specially designed machines may be manufactured to meet your special requirements.

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